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***Please note: The Rally app is available only to eligible Rally members. Check with your company’s HR department to see if your employer offers Rally.***Getting healthier just got easier with the Rally app for Android!
With the Rally app, use your phone to:
* Register for Rally, if eligible* Take, complete, or retake your Health Survey* Get your Rally Age and see how your habits affect your health in areas such as Nutrition, Stress, and Activity* See personalized recommendations of simple steps you can take to improve your health* Choose to stay logged in for up to thirty days at a time, or log in quickly and securely each time using a PIN* Easily check in as you make progress on your Missions* Earn double Rally Coins by joining the Mobile Mission of the Month* Set your own personal reminders for each Mission* Track your progress in Challenges by viewing the leaderboard* Use your Rally Coins toward a chance at great rewards or to benefit a good cause* Check out your employer’s rewards and incentives, if eligible* Chat with other Rally members to get tips, advice, and inspiration* Use Google Fit to track, consolidate, and visualize your activity and check in to Missions and Challenges automatically